Wednesday, 22 January 2014

... And then I got to work and realised I'd forgotten my trousers!

The sort of day I've had in a nutshell! I've been thinking about starting a blog for a while and when I posted the above as a status on my Facebook, I realised I had the perfect title for my first ever post.

My day then... It began at 4.30am with a brutal wake up call from my 17 month old son (hereafter, he shall be referred to as DS - Darling Son - because he is darling, even if he does get me up at half sodding four!) and continued to spiral out of control from there. We were up at 5.30am and out of the door on the school run by half 8. My daughter (DD) started school in September and while this is fabulous, there are days when it comes time to leave the house to take her and I have a real "Do I have to?" moment. As in, really? Again? I have to walk all the way (it's ten minutes) again?!

Needless to say, DS fell asleep before we even reached the school gates and remained comatose until... wait for it, quarter past eleven. The little toad! When we got back to the house, I left him in the buggy, wheeled him inside and watched The Following. Lovely bit of gruesome, murder-y violence for a Wednesday morning.

Back out again (DS still asleep!), this time to the dentist. It's a good walk to the practice from my house, about thirty five minutes so I got a stomp on and arrived sweaty and exhausted... And sadly, half an hour late. The appointment was at 11, apparently. I'd have put money on it being at half past but a quick check of the reminder text message they'd sent me, proved that they were in fact right. I was late. So I did the only thing a woman who has been up since half four in the morning can do... I started to cry. Just a bit. I was just so tired and felt so stupid. They kindly booked me another one for half 12 so off I went.

I dived in to my favourite coffee shop (much more on that place another time) for a hot chocolate to calm me down and to get DS (awake at last!) an emergency crumpet.

Had my dental appointment then set off to the childminder's house to drop off DS before walking to work. It may be worth mentioning at this point that I can't drive. Well, I can to a certain extent but I am not licensed to do so as yet so I walk everywhere! I do ridiculous mileage in a week, usually pushing a buggy. Great for keeping me trim but utterly crappy when it's chucking it down or blowing a gale.

So dropped off DS, legged it to work, minutes to spare before my shift started and... I couldn't find my trousers. I leave a pair of work trousers in the cloakroom so I don't always have to carry stuff back and forth between work and home. I was wearing jeans on arrival obviously! I was tired certainly but not quite tired enough to leave the house naked from the waist down and not notice! So no sign of work trousers. Brilliant! Went downstairs in jeans and work blouse (looking utterly ludicrous!) and then a colleague said she may have covered my trousers with her coat. And so she had! I'd done what's known in our house as "a man look".

My shift passed without incident and my evening has also been mercifully quiet. Thank goodness!

And so there you have it! Your first fascinating glimpse in to my life. It's all about early starts, bad time keeping and misplaced trousers! Bet you can't wait for the next instalment...